Vodavi XTS

Stackable and expandable, the XTS is a terrific option for business requiring 12 to 492 stations. The XTS system provides the foundation your growing business needs to handle all the communication options available now and into the future.

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- Directory dial, speed dial, last number redial
- Programmable buttons for one-touch feature access
- Interactive soft keys on display phones
- Caller ID
- Automatic park and page
- Off Hook Voice Over for coaching during live calls
- Least Call Routing, Call Costing, Programmable Toll Restriction and optional Voice-- over-IP
- Up to 8 conference connections
- Voice mail integration with Vodavi TalkPath or PathFinder
- Direct Inward Dialing (DID) allows incoming callers to dial extensions directly
- High-speed digital T1 and PRI trunking capability
- Virtual stations for remote workers or station sharing
- Call Back/Busy Station Queuing
- Call forward for all calls, busy or no answer calls
- Sixteen zone call park
- Group and directed call pick up
- Dial by name
- Two hundred entry directory dialing
- Distinctive ringing
- Follow me forward
- Twenty zone internal paging
- Preset and custom text messages
- Programmable speed dial
- Repeat redial
- Supervisor monitoring
- Twenty number speed dial
- System programming from any LCD station
- System speed dial - up to 999 numbers
- Toll restriction by station and CO line
- VoIP with additional hardware
- Up to 8 music inputs
- Uniform call distribution
- Alternate attendant positions
- Attendant Override and Barge-in

Thirty-button Executive - Twelve fixed, 30 flexible feature buttons, 3 interactive softkeys, fully integrated speakerphone and 2.5mm headset jack. Our part number VODAV3015-xx (where "xx" is color, 71=charcoal).

DSS Console- Add 48 flexible buttons for an attendant or answering position. Our part number VODAV3010-xx (see above).


Vertical Vodavi® Starplus® STS™: Enterprise-Class Calling Features for Smaller Business Needs and Budgets

The popular Vertical Vodavi Starplus STS product family is a market leader in small business. With over 30,000 systems installed throughout the United States, you can be assured of the system’s track performance and reliability. Now, new productivity-enhancing features make it a better value than ever.

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More Features, Same Low Price
Still offered at the same modest price, the Vertical Vodavi Starplus STSe Business Communications System delivers powerful, enterprise-class communications features. Yet it remains a refreshingly affordable communications solution for enterprises requiring up to 48 phones.

In addition to nearly 200 calling features, the new Starplus STSe offers enterprise-class features such as full T1, fractional T1 and ISDN-PRI trunking, PBX/Centrex support, Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and Local Call Routing (LCR), automatic daylight savings, tenant share and virtual stations.

The ultra-modern desktop STSe speakerphone now features attractive blue backlighting for easy reading in a wide range of lighting conditions. The 48-button console meets the needs of organizations requiring a live receptionist.

STSe in-skin voice mail and voice recording options offer up to 200 hours of recording capacity and an unlimited number of mailboxes — without compromising system capacity.

STSe Feature Highlights:

- ADP – Additional Device Port on every phone for fax or modem connection
- Basic and expanded system options
- Easy to configure, install and program
- Fax Detect – Eliminates the need for a dedicated FAX line
- Caller ID Name and number display is available on all phones
- One phone model loaded with features
- Optional In-Skin Voice Mail
- PBX/Centrex compatibility
- Phones are CTI adaptable
- Soft keys enable quick access to system features
- Standard 2.5 mm headset jack on every phone
- Supports full T1, fractional T1 or ISDN PRI trunking
- UCD & LCR capability
- Voicemail does not reduce system capacity