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Wave IP 2500


Wave IP 2500 is ideal for both cost-sensitive small- to medium-sized businesses as well as larger distributed organizations like retailers, pharmacies and restaurants that depend on powerful VoIP applications to drive growth. Wave IP 2500 supports up to 500 users on a single server, and multiple Wave systems can be networked together to support thousands of users across thousands of sites.

"While customers have been encouraged in the past to move to IP from TDM phone systems based on reduced system costs, many organizations are now more concerned about the cost of application development and integration," said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Krithi Rao. "Because Vertical has bundled a number of enterprise-class applications with Wave for roughly the same cost as some of the competitive systems, cost-sensitive organizations will find great value in Wave."

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"Vertical has pulled out all the stops with Wave IP 2500 in terms of its design, feature set and applications," said Matt Tesdell, vice president of Tesdell Electric, a Certified Wave Business Partner. "I've been very impressed with how well it performs, and I'm confident it will meet or exceed the needs of even my most demanding customers."

Comdial DX-120

Vertical Comdial DX-120® Business Phone System: Sophisticated Telecommunications Solution in a Flexible, Highly Scalable Package that will expand from 4 Lines 8 digital stations to 40 lines (24 from T1) and 80 digital stations!

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The DX-120 Business Communications System is designed to give growing enterprises all the sophisticated communications features of big-company digital systems in an affordable, easy to use and highly scalable package. The DX-120 system includes desktop and cordless speakerphone endpoints, a reception console and a comprehensive feature set of nearly 200 functions previously available only on high-end PBXs. It supports both T1/ISDN-PRI and analog trunking, conferencing, powerful voicemail and auto-attendant options and remote configuration.
The DX-120 system includes a family of ergonomic, sleek endpoints to meet an extremely broad range of requirements: a full featured desktop Executive Telephone with 30 programmable buttons, a full-featured 2.4 GHz Cordless Speakerphone and a Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console with 64 LED-illuminated programmable buttons for enterprises needing a live attendant.

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Comdial MP-5000

MP-5000 is Comdial's flagship system. It is based on SIP compliant standards and offers powerful technology to help your company accomplish higher communications efficiency. The MP-5000 offers hundreds of features including networking, soft phones, and IP connectivity for programming. If you are looking for a reliable and powerful communications system, the MP-5000 is what you are looking for.

The “EP series” endpoints offer a sleek new design as well as great functionality.
The EP-100 is the traditional endpoint offered in three different flavors; a twelve button version, twenty-four button version, as well as a large screen addition.

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The CONVERSip EP200 Multimedia Endpoint is a Windows® XP software application that allows you to take full advantage of your desktop
PC or notebook computer to communicate with other EP200 users, cellular phones, and other business or personal telephones. Unlike other so called “softphones”, the EP200 allows you to use your PC as a voice and multimedia terminal without requiring an additional desktop endpoint and when communicating with other EP200 users, you have full voice, video and instant messaging capabilities. The EP200 together with a Comdial media platform is a secure communication solution that does not rely on third party Internet service providers. The EP200 is interoperable with both our MP1000 and MP5000 Media Platforms, making your endpoint decisions even easier.

The CONVERSip EP300 Voice Endpoint is Comdial’s desktop instrument for VoIP communications, in conjunction with our CONVERSip Media Platforms. The EP300 offers voice quality comparable to traditional digital instruments, yet delivers long distance cost savings as an added benefit. The EP300 is interoperable with both our MP1000 and MP5000 Media Platforms, making your endpoint decisions even easier.


Comdial Wave IP 500

Wave IP™ Business Communications Systems: The Future is Calling.

Vertical's Wave IP Business Communications system delivers business telephony and applications that can increase employee productivity and reduce operating costs for businesses of any size—from small single-site businesses to large multi-site enterprises. Wave IP integrates desktop and enterprise applications with voice communications in a streamlined system that is easy to deploy and manage.

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As your business evolves, so do your communications requirements. When making an investment in an IP phone system, your business demands a cost-effective solution that:

- Provides outstanding value in the core business applications you need today, such as desktop call management, unified messaging, call recording, fax and auto attendant.
- Lets you selectively run advanced applications to address future business opportunities and improve customer service, such as self-service interactive voice response (IVR) applications and contact center — without costly additional servers.
- Supports thousands of sites but is easy to manage, reducing administrative time and costs.

What’s more, today’s IP phone system must also deliver investment protection by:

- Leveraging your investment in the phones your employees use today — such as IP, digital or analog phones and devices — as well as soft phones, voice badges and other voice-enabled devices you may use in the future.
- Creating a seamless call experience for both staff and callers, whether employees work in the office, at home, or on the road.
- Facilitating the growth of your business cost-effectively, by letting you add users and applications in a modular and straightforward way, without requiring expensive forklift upgrades or additional servers.
- Reducing network and voice costs by leveraging integrated voice and data connectivity services like SIP trunking.